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Hanceville park vandalized; grills, parts stolen

Vandals cut swings in half at Hanceville’s C.W. Day Park. (Nick Griffin for The Tribune)

HANCEVILLE - Several grill grates and an entire grill have been stolen from the pavilions at Hanceville’s C.W. Day Park and the swings at the adjoining playground were damaged. According to Hanceville Park Director Ashley Dye, the incident occurred in the last two nights.  

“We have three pavilions in between both of our playgrounds at C.W. Day Park and each pavilion has a small grill and the one in the middle has a larger stone grill,” Dye said. “All the small grills have had the grates taken out of them except for one, and in one of the pavilions the whole grill was taken out. Then at one of the playgrounds, someone has cut the actual swings in half.”

Along with the issue of the grills being looted or stolen, Dye said it was frustrating to find the damaged swings on the playground.

“I don’t know why you would do that because it’s something that the kids enjoy, you know,” Dye said. “It has nothing to do with any person in particular; it’s just something for the kids to do for fun.”

Those with any information regarding the thefts and vandalism are asked to call the Hanceville Police Department at 256-352-9811.

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  • Someone stole an entire grill from Hanceville C.W. Day Park.