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Letter to the Editor

Honoring our Vietnam veterans Nov. 4

On Saturday, Nov. 4, the citizens of Cullman County will honor their military veterans at a daylong event at Cullman Regional Airport in Vinemont. Full details on the entire event can be found at          www.cullmanveteransday.com. Parking and admission are free.

This year, the focus of the entire event is on honoring and giving our Vietnam veterans a big welcome home and thank you, something most of them failed to receive when they returned home from that war.  I know, as I was one of them and I remember being met by protesters outside the gate of the base where I landed and spit at. The signs said “traitor” and “baby killer.” There were no bands or ribbons or thank-you articles in the paper. No parades or festivals.

Most of us came home, took off the uniform, went to work, paid our taxes and raised our families. Most of us weren't happy then and most of us aren't happy now, remembering those days.

But, we loved our buddies. We stayed in touch with our Band of Brothers. Every time we saw or met a fellow Vietnam vet, we said, "Welcome home, brother." We just did it ourselves cause no one else would.

Well, this Nov. 4, the people of Cullman County have a chance to come and pay their respects. Between the Auburn and Alabama games, before or after kids’ soccer or shopping or whatever.

And my Vietnam brothers can come hear our music from AFVN, see the uniforms, aircraft and vehicles of that time and show them to grandkids. Back in time, for bad and good, for one more day.

Everyone call every Vietnam vet you know within 200 miles and get them here.

I'm looking forward to being with all my brothers again. Welcome home!