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On the topic of headlines...

Last night we posted a news story about the grand opening of the new Cullman County Democratic headquarters in Cullman. The headline of that story, "Cullman's with Her! Democratic HQ opens in Cullman," has been met with fury and vitriol the likes of which is, frankly, disturbing.

The point of contention, it seems, is the "Cullman's with Her!" portion of the headline, which is a play on the Clinton campaign's "I'm with Her!" slogan and is the Cullman County Democrats' actual slogan. Those not familiar with the Clinton campaign may not be aware of the slogan, and we can understand how some mistook the headline. A lot of our readers took this to mean that we support a particular candidate. We do not.

The Cullman Tribune does not support any particular political candidate. We do not and will never endorse any political candidate or party. We provide equal and fair news coverage to all political events, races, candidates and happenings affecting residents of Cullman County.

That our headline has stirred up so much hatred and misled so many of our readers is unfortunate and was not our intention. An edit was made to the headline last night adding quotation marks to further clarify that "Cullman's with Her!" is the group's slogan, and not The Tribune's opinion, but this still did not stop the downward descent of the political back and forth. Therefore, we have made the editorial decision to remove the "Cullman's with Her!" part of the headline entirely. This is not a decision we made lightly, and to our readers who have reached out to us in support, we thank you!

Unfortunately, on Facebook you can't change the title of a post once it's published, so you'll have to click on the story to see the change.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!


Wendy Sack

Newsroom Editor